Recogen® Original

Comforts & Supports Healthy joints






German quality Bioactive collagen peptides

1 box contains 30 sachets. Each sachets contain 10g of bioactive collagen peptides and rose hip extract. Total 30 days supply.

Recogen® Gold is a synergistic Dual Action formula, combining bioactive collagen peptides and rose hip extract. Our bioactive collagen peptides help to regenerate cartilage while rose hip extract has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

Rose hip extract is a safe ingredient with no side effects. The studies conducted in Germany,  the use of rose hip extract helped to reduce inflammation in the joint areas by as much as 50%. At the same time, there is a significant decrease of cartliage degrading enzymes. When paired together with bioactive collagen peptides, you have a premium joint health products that protects the joints and provide relief from discomforts caused by joint pains and inflammation.

Recogen® Gold do not contain any steroids, preservatives and artificial colourings. We send our products to trusted labs in Singapore for testing to further ensure our customers are consuming safe products.

View our TUV SUD PSB Lab report for Recogen® Gold

  • Bioactive collagen peptides + rose hip (cynosbati) extract
  • A collagen prepared by enzymatic hydrolysis of collagenous bovine materials (skin of healthy cattles)
  • Free from bovine spongiform encephalopathy (which causes Mad Cow Disease)
  • Has an extremely low molecular weight of 3,000 Daltons
  • Supported by 30 yrs of proven clinical studies
  • No known side effects
  • Easily digested and readily absorbed
  • Dissolves easily & odourless
  • Daily intake will aid in regeneration of cartilage and collagen-containing tissues
  • Recogen® is HALAL certified by MUIS Singapore.

Not just for joints health, collagen is important for the absorption of calcium. Bone Structure is like a brick wall. Calcium are the bricks but the body requires collagen as the cement to hold the bricks together. We recommend taking Recogen® together with calcium.


Inflammation is actually a normal body response to injured areas. During normal inflammation, chemicals from leukocytes (or white blood cells) help protect the body from infections. However, sometimes due to autoimmune disorder, leukoctes can cause excessive damage to the affected areas.

Recogen® Gold helps inhibits cytokines distribution in the affected areas, therefore helping to reduce inflammation.


Bioactive collagen peptides + rose hip (cynosbati) extract





Dissolve Recogen® into plain water or any drink. For mild to moderate symptoms: Take 10 grams a day for a month followed by 5 grams per day. For severe symptoms: Take 10 grams a day for at least 3 months.

Do avoid adding Recogen® to boiling hot water as it will destroy the nutritional properties of Recogen®. Where possible, consume Recogen® in the morning as Recogen® can provide you with energy content to start the day.

Every box of Recogen® comes with 30 sachets. Use 1 sachet a day to get your required amount of Recogen®.

1 sachet = 10 grams of Recogen®.

Due to the constant breakdown and regeneration of collagen, research shows that symptoms may re-occur if use of the supplement is discontinued.

Add Recogen to your favourite beverages!


Hear some testimonials from our customers 🙂

Abdul Malik. Mo. Afan , 57 years old - I have been suffering from knee cap and joint pain all the way to my spine for quite long time. That why I have decided to see a doctor and undergone several examinations including MRI and results showed that I have been suffering from joint pain/degeneration and was recommended by doctor to take glucosamine and attend physiotherapy to help my condition.

But after several sessions and taking glucosamine for few months, I still feel the same. I used to cycle 2 times a week and will always feel pain, tightness in muscles and even swollen knees. One of my friend recommends Recogen Gold a month ago. After taking for 2 weeks, I felt so much better and can even cycle for longer hours. I also recommended this product to my sisters to try out to help them with their joints degeneration problems.

Phair Yuet Lan , 57 years old - After consuming the product for more than 4 years, I seldom encounter joint pain. Prior to taking this product, I was actively doing exercise for 5 times a week. I attended gym, yoga lessons and brisk walk. Until today, I still take this product as it improvise my joint mobility.

Sim Siew Lang , 66 years old –  When I started to experience knee cap pain and cannot squat, I visited a doctor and went for an X-ray. X-ray result showed that my cartilages starting to wear off. Doctor advised that I may need to go for operation in the next 2 years. My friend happened to be taking Recogen and recommend me to try it out. I started taking Recogen Gold since January 2016. After continuously taking Recogen Gold for 1 year I was able to walk for long distance and do not feel pain at all. I now can squat too. Thanks Recogen!

Ng Angie , 56 years old –  Last time, I have pain in my knee cap, but after taking the Recogen Gold, it really improved. I strongly recommend this product to some of my friends who suffer from the joint problem.

Hoon Tai Lock, 47 years old - The main reason for taking Recogen Gold is due to my knee pain as my knee been operated for 3 times in the past 20 years. After taking Recogen Gold, the rocking sound on my knee reduced and improved my mobility a lot! Thank You Recogen!

Nancy Khoo, 63 years old - I have been drinking Recogen Gold for almost 2 years already. It has help me maintain my joint and knee cap in good condition. My husband is also taking Recogen with calcium almost the same timing as me and he is also very happy that his knee does not give him anymore problem. Previously he could not go for brsking walking as the knee cap is giving him problem. Thank you Recogen for giving us a healthier and stronger joints to do our morning brisk walking. Cheers!!!! 

  • A person who have Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). 
  • Having an inflammation and/or swollen joints.
  • A person having a gout.